The JUSTIN ART HOUSE MUSEUM – JAHM, is an initiative of Charles and Leah Justin, who are passionate collectors of contemporary art. Through their house museum they hope to share both their collection and their passion for art with the public.
House museums, such as the Lyon House Museum in Melbourne, Maison Particuliere in Brussels and the Samlung Hoffman in Berlin are all distinctive in the way they reflect the persona and direction of their collectors.
JAHM‘s aspiration is also to provide a distinctive experience, one that is intimate and personal for its visitors. There are two curated exhibitions per year in the gallery space, one exhibition drawn from the Justin Collection, the other exhibition  based on either another private collection, a commissioned work for the gallery space or curated by an invited expert or artist.

Justin Art House Museum

JAHM has its own app that includes a digital catalogue of the current exhibition. You will receive automatic updates and can also sign up for the newsfeed and give us feedback on what you thought of the JAHM experience.

This link will take you to the my.yapp.us website where you will be prompted to insert your mobile number and download the software from the app store.

Download the App

Each visit will include a tour of the exhibition conducted by Charles and Leah, after which visitors will be invited to their home for morning or afternoon tea to enjoy a conversation about the exhibition, art collecting or whatever is of interest. Visitors will also have the opportunity to observe how collectors such as the Justins live with their art.
Visits are by registration only through TryBookings via the JAHM website and the cost is $25, including refreshments. Maximum number per visit is 25.
JAHM will also facilitate visits by art students at secondary and tertiary level as well as provide opportunities for internships.
The exhibition program will be augmented by public programs and special events throughout the year.
Charles and Leah Justin have a strong belief in cultural diversity and hope to introduce another voice to the visual art world.